Bozzers Is Not Eph-ing Around!

007This photo marks the third occasion that Kate Ann Bozzers has allowed paparazzi whores to document her existence in as many days!   That is something.   Bozzers is back with a vengeance.  Having been sequestered in Louisiana filming Straw Dogs for the past few weeks or so must’ve really ephed with her psyche:   She needs exposure.  

Here’s Bozzers and Cher Coulter (the stylist and BFF that she stole from Orlando Bloom — Orlando and Mirandingo must be distraught over this fact.  Both of them could really use the stylistically trained eye of Cher Coulter.  For real! —  several years ago.

Bozzers and Coulter are going shopping.   Because they have the time and money to shop unlike some ‘people’ aka ‘me’.   They also have interesting objects on their feetz.   Cher looks awful (as always).  I don’t understand these stylist-people.   They always keep their hair the same no matter what they’re wearing.   Rachel Zoe is guilty of this shit too.  Yeah.  The hair is always the same and the make-up is never right.     



Earlier Papping (I think the Paps asked her if she felt threatened by the “stunning” beauty of Miranda Kerr):



11 thoughts on “Bozzers Is Not Eph-ing Around!

  1. Janers

    Is this the woman Orlando put in hospital?

    I’m not liking her outfit – I admit I know nothing about fashion, but it’s fug.


  2. SadieJo

    So, Anners, it appears that Bozzie is indeed “eph-ing” around. And not just with Alexander Skarsgaard. You can add Chris Martin to the mix. Duh-oh.

    Laney just called our little KB “….a skank crank hag who always hankers for what doesn’t belong to her.”

    Ouch. On a positive note, Bozzie’s fake English accent has finally paid off, the arena was dark, the blond was boney, and Chris was confused. Looks like a fish, sounds like a fish,etc. Poor Jamers, guess he got kicked to the roadside again.

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  3. Senora Anners XII

    SadieJo! Lainey better stop sassing Bozzers or else I’m gonna punch her in her teethers. But I’m all for Gwyneth being cheated upon. Just not sure Bozzers would be the one to stoop so low as to kiss Chris Coldplay… ugh.


  4. SadieJo

    Being called a “skank crank hag” is a step up for our perpetually bland girl. Makes her seem like she might have a personality or something even if it’s that of a coke snorting homewrecker. Yep, she’s a Coldplay groupie who got lucky.


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