attention mole patrollers!


thanks to whomever posted this piccie to the internets. i promise i am not an evil, vindictive image stealing slutcracker!

fellow gorda groupies! stella and i will be attending the first show of the julian plenti tour tonight in san diego. so if any of you other slaggers are attending let us know and we can say hi! :)

we will absolutely provide updates but in the meantime, here is an amazing song that i think should have been included on the album and it wasn’t – it’s called the larynx that you have. enjoy!


13 thoughts on “attention mole patrollers!

  1. hi ladies! i’ll post an update soon. my pics came out all blurry and the video sound is pretty crap. but if you want me to post i will! :) stella and i are seeing him again in l.a. on thursday and hopefully i will have better stuff for you guys by then! and yeah anners, we need to get our shiz together so we can all hang!! and i know, the pic is kind of hot and really not so hot at the same time. he looked good – short hair and glasses last night. more info to come!


  2. Aliers

    Hey chica! If you have the time and/or interest do you think you can do a shag or gag on my new fake boyfriend Matt Bomer? He may or may not be ghey (so I’ve read through the internets) but he is pretty as hale!

    Aliers xo


  3. Aliers

    ^ Crap, I totally didn’t mean to thread jack this wonderful post by Tiffers! I meant to write it on Anners page :(
    So so sorry Tiffers!

    Great song btw! Love it :D


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