spotted! julian plenti in san diego…

ok so here is my version of how it all went down!

i found this setlist on setlist fm:

Fly As You Might
Fun That We Have
No Chance Survival
Girl on the Sporting News
Madrid Song
Only If You Run
On the Esplanade
Let It Snow
Goodbye Toronto
Horse With No Name (America cover)
Games for Days

the show was good – i wasn’t a big fan of the album prior to hearing it live but i definitely like it way more now. the show was a little over an hour. paul was super adorable! the crowd was really excited and he just kept saying how amazing we were :)

they were a 5 piece: paul and another guitarist, a bassist, a drummer and a cellist! i really liked the cellist, it made the songs even more lush. i have to say it was really bizarre seeing him on stage with a whole different band. so strangely unfamiliar! he looked great – still short hair with glasses. long sleeved black shirt and black pants.

i personally really liked fly as you might, girl on the sporting news, only if you run and games for days. it was great when he sang let it snow. i’m not sure what the song he sang after that was so if anyone knows what it is then let us know! i know it says it’s called goodbye toronto on the set list but i couldn’t find anything on the internets about it!

i did take some pics – none of which came out :( i did also take some video but the quality is pretty poor (especially the sound) but since some of the girls asked for it i’ll post them anyway!

enjoy! i will give you guys another update on the thursday show as well! i’ll also ask stella to give us her thoughts, too.

let it snow/goodbye toronto

girl on the sporting news

games for days


8 thoughts on “spotted! julian plenti in san diego…

  1. minnie – i was wondering that myself but it doesn’t really have a lot of cohesion with the rest of the album, you know what i mean? i wonder if it is, though!!!

    hahaha konst! sorry i didn’t really know what i was doing when i was uploading the videos last night! i just added you! <3 glad you liked them!!! that pj vid was gorgeous!!! and i really do love girl in the sporting news more and more!!


  2. the_magpie

    Hi Tiffers and company!

    I was just saw Gorda at the LA show last night and he was lookin’ more casual than usual. He was wearing a fitted plaid button up shirt with jeans with no glasses. His hair was perfectly tousled, as if he had just rolled out of bed. I must say, I am digging the new haircut. Not so sure about the facial hair though. I wish he would just shave that crap off.

    Anyhow, his attitude was super sweet and he just kept thanking everyone after every song. You can’t help but fall in love with the guy. :) And with every song, he sang with such seriousness and intensity… you can just see it in his eyes as he breathed the words into his mic. Lovely.

    I took some video too but I haven’t checked him yet to see how they came out but I will post them up eventually on a personal site (along with other ancient interpol vids I took in the past). I’d love to see your vids and if you can, please add me as your friend:


  3. hazey – but of course, doll! :)

    magpie – hello there! thanks so much for the review of the l.a. show! stella and i were able to attend and i couldn’t agree with you more! he looked sooooo amazing! the hair was killing me and i am so not a fan of the scruff, either! his attitude was adorable. stella and i were discussing how he seems really at ease doing this and he seems like he’s just having tons of fun. he’s not doing the super serious interpol thing which i found to be super refreshing! i can’t wait to check out your videos, let me know once they are posted.

    also, just as a side note, there were a couple of really great moments. he covered into the white by the pixies and i am so not usually a huge fan of covers but his version was amazing! he also goofed up the beginning of skyscraper and was really cute about it and said that this time it was going to be even better (or something like that). he kept to the same setlist except that he moved h to the encore and put into the white in it’s place (i think). it was definitely a better show than san diego!!! i forgot my camera so i didn’t get any pics or video for the l.a. show. sorry! :(

    minnie – so sorry about the videos not working right!!! i finally figured out what was wrong so you should be able to watch them with no problems now. i can’t wait to hear your take on the london show!

    also – d. solrac and morgan saw jp in chicago last night and got to meet him!! maybe they will share their story with us :)


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