WTPH Is Bozzers Doing?







Can someone please tell me what in the Blue Crush hell Kate Bozzers is doing with her life?   I refuse to believe she’s gallivanting around town with this overgrown vampire just to diffuse the Chris Coldplay rumors.   But I’m starting to believe she is no longer with Jamers.   Woe unto me.

Here’s Kate and Alexander Staaaarsgaaaaaaaaaaard at the Arclight cinemas in Hollywood the other night play-acting like they’re either very reluctant lovers or very casual friends… casual to the point that he can barely stand to acknowledge their friendship by, you know, standing less than five feet away from her.   For that, he blows.   Bozzers deserves someone who’s not afraid to stand next to her.  Someone like James Rousseau, who seems to have been dumped like so much euro-trash.  

Sorry, Jamers.  







8 thoughts on “WTPH Is Bozzers Doing?

  1. Ali-ers Hotshizski

    yeah, what’s up with that?!
    Maybe Alex doesn’t want his gf Evan Rachel Wood to catch him out with another woman so he’s like “whatevs” to Bozzers. But that just makes the situation look all the more suspicious. hm….


  2. Poor Orlando

    Welcome back, Anners!! I missed you.

    I’d say that they’re taking a lesson from the Whorley/Dingho paparazzi playbook, but Bozzers and her bloke actually look happy in the last photo, something our two “lovers” could never pull off.

    The last time I remember Whorley smiling at the Dingho was on that balcony in Australia and eeeeewwww, that was not pretty.

    I hope Bozzers is happy. I like her. She had Whorley when he was H O T, so she’s the lucky one. One day he’ll be H O T again, after he gets rid of she-who-must–not-be-named for good.


  3. Anners Scribonia

    Aliers: Hi! I will do your shag or gag on Matt Bomer tomorrow! I’m having trubz finding pics. :)

    Poor Orlando: Yeah, those balcony pics were ill. And THANKS!

    Tiffers: They do look sorta cutesy togethz.


  4. Janers

    Booo – I liked her with Jamers.

    Does she really have a future with someone who sunk low enough to hook up with Evan Rachel Wood? – doubt it.


  5. brittanyambera

    Somehow I don’t see Orlando leaving ” she-who-must–not-be-named”, even though I want him too. I kinda doubt his career/looks will recover if he ever does… I don’t know… maybe?


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