Strange Dress Alert!

This dress is all sorts of wrong.  

It’s sort of cool, though.   Sort of.  I think Bozzers wears the strange little schoolmarm-y dresses on purpose.  She’s trying to throw the dingwhore off her trail and schoolmarm-y dresses are a sure thing!  Even though the dingwhore lives to copy whatever Kate does, she  wouldn’t be caught dead in something chaste ( though she might get caught  in something else, namely, a  wild dingo-trap somewhere in the Gunnedah outback).

Good on Bozzers for curling her hair a bit,  she looks totally lovely, if not slightly waxy around the head.

Miranda Kerr is still totally ugly, though.


10 thoughts on “Strange Dress Alert!

  1. Poor Orlando

    Thumbs down on this one, although it is brave of her to try out new things. She probably doesn’t even care what people say about the dress.

    Look at that pose, so defiant. Yeah! You go, girl! She’s rockin’ it whether it’s a winner or not. That’s the only way to do it. I wish she’d do more movies. I find her acting kind of interesting.


  2. Janers

    Giant bows are probably the only thing she can do to add weight to her tiny frame.

    He face really has changed since she was young – strange.


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