Supermodel* PHAIL


Who gets chosen to grace Ralph magazine’s December cover?   Why, the greatest supermodel to ever walk planet Urff, that’s who!   Big ups to Mirandingo Kerr and her canis dingus arse for landing this most glorious gig.  Kate Moss, Gisele, Lara Stone, and Naomi Campbell are all sobbing into their booking agents laps over this.  

P.S.  No, it’s not just you.  I have also never ever phucking heard of Ralph Magazine.  

* The word ‘supermodel’ is being used sarcastically.   As per usual.


20 thoughts on “Supermodel* PHAIL

  1. Joders

    And so the real supermodels should be sobbing into their booking agents laps. Ralph is a high quality magazine! The fact that one of the cover stories is 50 Weirdest Sex Facts should prove this. In their hey day, Elle, Linda and Christy would fall over themselves to get the cover of Ralph!

    (Is it a coincidence do you think, that Ralph is the sound you make when you puke your guts up???)


  2. Anners Scribonia

    Joders, I am so dumb! The guy with the toilet on his shoulders in the lower left corner should have tipped me off about the utter erudite sophistication of this publication. Stoopid, Anners.


  3. Joders

    Google Mark “Chopper” Read and you’lll get a true indication of the sophistication of Ralph ;)

    I wouldn’t mind reading the article about the bloke who gets paid to audition escorts. Just for the article, mind you. Not for the pictures or anything :D

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  4. jaded4good

    Nice how the cleavage was spray painted on her chesticles, but look at the outline, you see the bra is empty. She can sleep phace down. I am sooooo jellus.


  5. brittanyambera

    Hmmp to be a supermodel, glamming it up for the most notable of magazines. Wow!!! I must confess, when I was younger I wanted to be a model, a SUPERMODEL. I always thought Tyra, Rebbecca, even Naomi were awesome but not quite there, ya’ know there was always a missing link. But now looking back, its like getting hit by a baseball, its so clear. They didn’t have the drive. You think that Naomi would have been on a magazine as such? No. Why? She didn’t have the drive. That empty feeling in her stomach that made her want more. Miranda is truly the only supermodel that is willing to compromise her career to appear on theses sorts of magazines, to the greater male audience. Miranda is truly something. Yes something great. So its not Vogue, W, or Elle but when all other models are overlooked Miranda is called, because she’s the only one with drive to overlook titles.*

    *I totally sound pro-kerr right now ( :( / :) ?) Anyway I guess this comment can be taken either way. Nice photoshop nose/boob job btw.


  6. Joders

    Probably because she does. Have a penis, I mean.

    I keep telling everyone that Victoria’s secret is that all the models are actually men.

    (Unless she hasn’t just settled for Whorely’s balls and she’s taken his johnson as well?!)

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  7. jane121

    You guys should read the link someone left in the ‘I hate Miranda Kerr’ post.

    What a classy pair! I Guess she picked up a few ideas from the article in Ralph.


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