it’s that time of year again when the music world starts buzzing and making announcements for the impending summertime festivals. yes, summer is already on my mind! my personal favorite is coachella as it happens in my own backyard!

i was waiting with baited breath for the lineup announcement and am pretty happy about a lot of the bands. sunday seems like the killer day in my opinion. i was a little bitter that a certain nyc band was not on the bill but i am holding out a little hope that perhaps they will be added later on down the line (they always add some great acts right before the show!)

i am especially excited for gorillaz – their new album called “plastic beach” comes out on march 9th and when it comes to performing their material you never know who will be showing up to sing along with them! here is their new single that was just “leaked” today called stylo. i haven’t decided what i think about it yet but it’s interesting at the very least! anyone else excited for/attending coachella or any of the other big upcoming summer fests?


7 thoughts on “coachelly

  1. i am so ephing stoked for grace. i’ve never seen her and i am expecting to be saturated in pure, unadulterated weirdness to the nth degree. it’s going to be stellar! you should come on down there are a bunch of us that are going, it will be a great group :) i like how thom yorke is followed by a bunch of ????? like perhaps he’s considering doing his solo or radiohead? and charlotte will be lovely as well! super excited for fever ray, the xx and florence and the machine, too. and of course devo! i hope they wear their hats :D


  2. I hope I can go!

    I really would lurve to see what Grace Jones does. I am intrigued.

    @ Thom Yorke?????? I know, huh/! Or are they wondering if he exists? ;)

    Aw! I missed Stellz b-day.:( Tell her Happy Birthday for me!


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