A Dingo In Haute Couture

The editor at Russian Vogue needs to be phired because they had the ability to prevent Mirandingo Kerr from posing in an editorial but allowed that shiz to happen.

Anyhow, in case anyone is interested in seeing what a dingo looks like in haute couture, I posted the pictures.   But before that, here is smattering of comments I found on the web from people who are under the assumption that they are looking at a human being in this photographs rather than a rabid dingo.

  1. looks like she’s a 15 years old {That’s how old her brain is.}
  2. This is a great editorial. She looks so good. And Willy van der Perre did a wonderful job.   If anyone’s interested, I have 4 of the images in ultra hi-res on my blog. { I have a feeling that no one is interested.  But thanks for the offer!}
  3. well there is a reason why VS models should stick to what they are good at… pouty lips, acrobatic poses and….PIGTAILS?! and what’s up with those foxy army hats. awful {God bless you, my child.}
  4. another great series. LOVE the image on the chair specifically :) {Go away, Poo Stain!}
  5. I love her face in these shots… that said, is there a pic in this editorial without Miranda sticking her (perky) bum out? . . . {The answer is “No!”} 


18 thoughts on “A Dingo In Haute Couture

  1. Another triumph for the dingHo bytch. She must be so pleased with these shots. She’s such a talented sooper moddul.

    Pity for her she looks wooden and un-animated.


  2. jane121

    She really does overdo her poses doesn’t she? Vogue models usually just seem to stand around looking bored in their photoshoots.


  3. SadieJo

    I like how she moved her tail to her head. Nice dingo update. You know, when I try on a leather jumper and I can’t get the damn thing over my hips, I take it off and try something else. I don’t stick my butt out and yell “cheese” to the photographer.


  4. slapparr

    what is up with photo 4 – she looks like she is having a w**K -oh dear thats not a good set of photos –

    she doesn’t look anything like the kind of model Vogue usually has – though in fairness to her – these are better than her VS / DJ catalogue shots – maybe she is improving after all…… only problem with that of course is that she is kinda running out of time!


  5. Candace

    lol is she actually wearing a tail on her head? Goddammit this is why I hate Vogue… fur makes sense if you’re in Antarctica but otherwise it just makes you look like a bitch.

    I think she’s pretty but a bit gaunt… also her arm is crooked as hell in picture # 3… they do all sorts of weird distortions in fashion magazines. It happens so often you get the feeling it’s on purpose.


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