Dearest Milla,

This outfit is a little weird.


9 thoughts on “Dearest Milla,

  1. Jaded

    Kinda looks like a runner up for the “make a Resident Evil costume from your mom’s second-hand clothes” contest.

    And now I feel silly for having a pair of shoes just like that. :)


  2. Joders

    Except for the hotpants (or whatever they are) each piece of clothing in isolation is okay. She ruined the shoes by wearing opaque black stockings – just that one little bit of white around the edge of the shoes next to the stockings makes her ankles look, ermm, how shall I say? Chunky? The shoes might as well be white all over.

    Jaded, I like her shoes, so let this be a lesson in fashion for you – no matter how skinny your ankles, don’t wear black stockings with those shoes :)


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