Ha. Ha. Ha.

Miranda Kerr’s boyfriend looks weird….


23 thoughts on “Ha. Ha. Ha.

  1. No weirder than usual.

    Actually, since the dingHo is absent, maybe a little less weird than usual, given that the dingHo is weird looking and makes her companions look weird by virtue of her presence.


  2. Janers

    hehe – she was once mainly known as Orlando Bloom’s girlfriend and now he is mainly known as Miranda Kerr’s boyfried.

    Hollywood types seem to feed off each others fame.


  3. slapparr

    he looks like he may have problems….. its almost a bit of a quite mummies boy who is about to turn serial killer…..

    the hair is hilarious! I can’t get away from the fact he looks like a lego man – even more so when he’s running :D


  4. endrid

    I used 2 really enjoy this site but now all Anners seems 2do is beat down Orlando. He is doing really well getting his career back on track. He got very good reviews 4 his performance in Sympathy for Delicious. You haters give him no credit 4 anything. Your chidishness is putting me off. I hope u guys lay off him, he gets enough scorn from critics.


  5. C0

    Oh Anners. Are u turning to the Dingo side and bashing my boyfriend Orlando instead of Mirandom? Are things that bad? Orlio has been trying so hard to get his acting thing together (finally)! I can’t wait until The Good Doctor is in! Maybe he will get annoyed with being called the Dingo’s b-atch and that will finally drive a wedgey between them. Stay cool Anners!


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