one more thing

Enough albloodyready of the Kate Moss is hiding a baby bump stories!   These pictures of Mossers running errands whilst the wind is running through her frosty locks have sparked the latest round of phantom baby bump headlines, and I for one, find it extremely annoying.

first of all, if a woman is pregnant, they’ll tell you when they’re ready to.  or not!   cause it’s sort of her business and no one else’s with the possible exception of the phather.

second of all, the only thing mossers is hiding is her phucking feelings for Pete Dirtyho.  She’s hidden these feelings so well that she may have forgotten she had them in the first place.


if mossers is pregnant, cool.  if she isn’t, cool.

lurve her jacket, though!   and the shoes; both are boss.

P.S.   My fellow partner in Moss worship, Konst, is a Chilean.    Godspeed for Konst and her family and all else in Chile who’ve been affected by the earthquake!   :(


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