these two give me the creepz

Bozzers and her BCFF (Best cougar friend forever) are always all over each other at public events.  I find it disturbing.   Get a den, HOlena!   I know that you and Cola Gorda have parted ways, but I still feel some resentment toward you because your presence in Cola’s liphe irked the hell out of a lot of my Interpol aquaintances a few short years ago.

There’s a slight chance that none of this will make sense to a lot of people.  To that I say “I don’t ephing care!”.  Because I don’t ephing care!

Note to Kate Bozwurf:   The only bytch we want to see you close like this with is askars;  stop ephing with the world already.


9 thoughts on “these two give me the creepz

  1. Maybe it’s just me, but in that second picture, it looks like both girls are inside the one dress.

    And it looks like Holena is wearing a VS pneumatic pillow padded push em up to your chin strapless bra.

    Wonder what Banksy is doing now he isn’t making appearances with Holena?


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