22 thoughts on “stunning

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggghhhhhhhhhhh…..

    *the sound of Joders running screaming for the hills after suffering a dreadful fright*

    On a more serious note, she must be really desperate to get into high fashion if she’d let those ugly, hairy caterpillars crawl across her face like that. And still be able to keep a straight face.

    And just what exactly is that thing she’s wearing on her head like an alien helmet?

    And who knew her forehead was so…….tall?

    Okay, really seriously now, it looks like all her features are squooshed down into the bottom half of her face.

    Stunning, indeed.


  2. Jan

    Anners what’s the deal with you. You obviously are no longer a fan of Orlando so why do you still continually bash Miranda Kerr? I though her dating Orlando was the entire reason why you insulted the lovely miss Kerr with all the dingo remarks. If Orlando no longer means anything to you, leave Miranda alone!

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  3. Jan, Orlando still means something to me. What that something “is”, however, is up for all sorts of interpretation.

    and i’m not bashing mirandingo! I just conceded that she was, in fact, stunnning. :)


  4. cynth

    when she was young she use to be really cool and down to earth. now shes a bigheaded thinks shes too cool dickhead.

    she only became a “supermodel” because of orlando bloom.

    i think shes not pretty and kind of lost her umph as a model.

    Miranda your a “has been”.


  5. um, no

    Um, NO! Sorry Mel, but just signing with VS does not make you a superdooper model by any means.
    In fact the age of the super model is over.
    Maybe Gis or Elle could be called that but any of these other flash in the pans are just models. Nothing super about them.


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