i feel for the humans behind them

Something about these pictures seems rude and self-centered.   Kate Bozzers’ own private Leif Ericson is already six inches away from being 7 feet tall.   The poor bastards stuck behind his arse at just about anything have it real ephing bad!   But Kate added insult to injury by hoisting her small boned iciness atop his shoulders for the sake of seeing some band play at Coachella.   That’s just rude.

I’d be yelling @ them and shiz, but that’s just me.

A very sour girl. 

P.S.  Kate’s face looks sort of creepy in these pics. 

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7 thoughts on “i feel for the humans behind them

  1. oh so that’s who that stupid slag was! kidding! :) at least she wasn’t wearing any feathers or trying to look like pocahontas! and not that i am defending bozzers but we all looked tore up. it’s kinda hard not to being out in the 90+ degree desert heat for hours on end! :D


  2. Janers

    Meh – everyone does this. At least they’re not forming the 3 person tower which inevitably falls on everyone else.

    She needs to be up there for safety reasons – her tiny frame would get crushed in the crowd.


  3. ducati

    ***waves hi to Anners, where have you been, that lock down sucked****

    She looked like she was having fun. I hope she was wearing panties.


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