Princess Caspian!

Here’s some random bunk I found on the netz @ Princess Caspian.    The princess says that acting is her “dream job”.    Sayeth Caspy:   “Acting is my dream job. I’m happy and thankful I’m not one of those people who aren’t sure whether they want to keep doing the job they’ve learned when they finish their studies. I’m living it!”

Caspy also says that he can go out anythime he wants without being recognized.   He seems to think it’s because not too many people have seen his films and also because he’s not a fameHo, like a certain dingHo we all know and love.    “People don’t really notice me.  Maybe it’s because I have my hair back or I have a beard.  People recognize actors they see regularly, like people they see on television every week. For the most part, people probably have only seen me in one or two films.”

If that many.   I haven’t even seen Dorian Gray yet.   What goes on here?   Why has this awful movie still not been released to us in the US of A?  We want to see Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen Barnes too.   Sorta.

P.S.  Having a beard is no excuse for Caspy to not be recognized.  Whorelando has had a beard for the past eight years and it’s never stopped his dumb ass from being recognized once.




5 thoughts on “Princess Caspian!

  1. hazey jane

    Ben is currently shooting (or finished shooting, I’m not sure) a film called “Killing Bono”, based on the true story of Neil McCormick, Bono’s school friend who also wanted to be a rock star, but failed. Some pics:


  2. But we totally get to see such gems as Transformers 2, remade Clash of the Titans, and about a billion other movies, so I don’t know why youse complaining!

    By the by, I’ve finally got the program so I can send you Deadwood. Also, Dorian Gray.

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