What Child Is This?

Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard - poolside (4/19/10)
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People like I said what has happened to Kate Bosworth that now she is not even getting lead roles. She has serious emotional problems and it is evident in that Vogue interview she had about a year ago when she talks about how she and James met. She is still going at it and the photos from Coachella and poolside disturbs me. She is NOT going to find happiness in the arms of a man, she has to be happy with herself first. What has happened in her chidhood that has her so F… up. I mean didn’t she live a life of privelage. At least Lindsey Lohan we know her family is messed up, but who knows what happened behind KB family doors. Was her mother a stage mother?

All you have to do is look at her hair to see something is not right with her. She has to be anorexic it is so thin and fine and limp, not even baby fine hair just very thin and stringy looking. She has got to have the flatest chest I have ever seen on a woman what would any guy see in her I just dont get it.

The above quote comes from a concerned ex-bozzers fan on Just Jared.   

The pictures are circa Coachella times.


Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard - poolside (4/19/10)
Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard - poolside (4/19/10)
Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard - poolside (4/19/10)



6 thoughts on “What Child Is This?

  1. LydiaB

    So what’s up with the freaks at JustJared? Is there a reason that site is an online meeting place for people in institutions that allow them internet access? Have they always said this crazy stuff about Bos?

    My mind, it’s so confused.


  2. Soooo not growing up in a life of privilege=being ephed in the head? And flat chested=not sexually desired? ‘Kay. Got it.

    Not for nothing, crazy JJ lady (I’m assuming) I’ve met lots of blondes with hair like Bos’. And they weren’t anorexic. Just tossing that out there. Also, JJ Lady, bite me.


  3. Janers

    That was freaky – when read the first incoherent sentence I thought Anners had written it & must have suffered a stroke!

    How exactly does hanging out with ASkars (or whatevs people are calling him these days) poolside = being mentally unstable? I agree the posing under a tree looks a little strange but I wouldn’t say’s she’s in lindsay’s league just yet.


  4. SadieJo

    Yep, Bozzie’s a phreak and she’s got issues. It’s why I like her. She also needs to take a break from the drugs and rock and roll to schedule time for a hot oil treatment. She’s definitely follically challenged and needs to pamper those few strands she’s got left.


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