Bozzers again

Tonight is the night of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala.   That means that Kate Bozzers has been stalking the streets of NYC in search of  the greatest ensemble in the history of the world (as seen in these pictures).   Because she looked pretty cool last year and she has a lot to live up to and shit.

She should start with her hair; it’s very weird right now.

I can’t believe I’m writing about this wretched ball of fail when I have so little time today.

Yeah, college devours your life in a way work only tries to.

So, will the DINGHO make an appearance tonight?  Will it be like last year when she was waiting in the wings (on the other side of the velvet rope — haha), like so many shades waiting to be allowed into the Elysian fields?   Will she show up at the after party after having spent the contents of her emergency money jar on her ticket?  Or has the “supermodel” ackchullybeen invited this year? Well, hater-bytchez, we shall see!  

 By the way, her status as a supermodel has been vouchsafed by  Mel, who claims that this was established when Mirandingo was offered her Victoria’s Secret contrakkt. 

Apparently, the supreme deity of the fashion world died and made Victoria’s Secret and its band of phuckery, king. 

You learn something new each day.



5 thoughts on “Bozzers again

  1. i love what you said about college! well not really love as it actually sucks but it’s so true! and now i am kind of afraid because i wonder if i have bozzers-esque hair me-self. don’t forget that we are going to have loads of pics with bozzers and helena all over each other to gawk at tomorrow. so much to comment about, so little time ;)

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  2. Janers

    I totes disagree about college -your degree might be full on but when I was at uni I prob spent an average of 5 hours in class a week. Now that I’m working I prob average 5 hours of overtime a day – bring back the good days when I was free to spend as much time in the blogosphere as I liked :(


  3. if i was just going to school full time i would be enjoying it! but i am working full time and going to school full time (16 units this semester) :) i can’t wait to graduate and get back to focusing on one thing again!

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  4. Tiffers, sorry about the crack about Bozzers’ hair especially if you see pieces of bozzers in your own hair. Ha. It just looks oddly heavy or something. Oh well, sorry if i offended thee; you know I think you’re a doll.

    and yes, school has sucked out every square inch of my soul.

    and ugh; i did the 16 unit semester + full time job thingy before. I suppose it helped that I worked at a crappy clothes boutique that had no gd customers that thus allowed me ample paid study time… good luck! ;)


  5. oh anners, you could never offend me :) it was just funny, that day i saw the post and giggled and then caught a glance of my own hair in the mirror and wondered…!

    it’s my own fault for running on empty for months on end! i am just so wanting to get to film school as fast as i can so i can actually study what i love instead of having to memorize bio crap that i won’t for the life of me remember after my final :) how are your finals going or are you all done? i am officially done sat morning of memorial day weekend!


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