and dingo was her name-o

I was all set to ignore the fact that Miranda Kerr is a stupid wench forever, but then I had the worst day EVER and I came home and that dingho-bag was in my mailbox.

Why is this plaguing me?  I don’t want this shit in my mailbox.  I don’t buy their cheap skank shit and I really really don’t want in my phucking mailbox.

Especially if the dingo is involved!

Whatever.   If anyone’s friends with the dingo on facebook, please send her this playlist of songs that I have deemed suitable for her:


  1. Stupid Girl – Garbage
  2. Nowhere Fast – The Smiths
  3. Life in a glass house – Radiohead
  4. Nude – Radiohead
  5. How to Disappear Completely – radiohead
  6. ringfinger-  Nine Inch Nails
  7. He cried – Morrissey
  8. Slow like honey – fiona apple
  9. don’t speak – no doubt
  10. been insane – john frusciante
  11. rupture au miroir – jane birkin
  12. 2+2 = 5  – radiohead
  13. where is my mind – the pixies
  14. shame – pj harvey
  15. terrible lie – nine inch nails
  16. that’s how people grow up – morrissey
  17. old shoes – tom waits

8 thoughts on “and dingo was her name-o

  1. wow another great choice of photo……

    i HATE victoria sekrits too – so much in fact i can no longer spell it in English

    I’m loving your play list though – I can’t think of something else to add either – must be complete!!


  2. Blair

    Maybe Bad Romance could fit too! Don’t know why but when I hear it the first couple who comes to my mind is OB&MK…


  3. KayC33

    What is it with the crease of her eyes? It doesn’t show up in all of her photos and they are her best feature, but that short crease looks freaky!


  4. jean

    seriously any guy who likes her in victorias secret must be a pedophile, her body scarily resembles that of a little girl


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