For reasons unknown (okay, maybe we knew some of them), Carlos D. is resting his chemistry with Interpol (one of the greatest and most undersung bands in the world).   He has put his hands away, and they [the remaining Interpolers] are now free from dealing with his antics for-phucking-ever!   Interpol themselves announced this sad (for some), but not unexpected (for some) news on their website. 

Carlos D. told them that he no longer selected them as bandmates or something.  The length of their love spanned about thirteen years and about twenty-five different incarnations of Carlos D.   My favorite Carlos D. is the one pictured above.   ‘Twas not feeling the Deadwood thingy at all.  Or the electric Frankenstein. 

Interpol says temporary replacements will fill in for Carlos D. (and his ego) during the tour starting this summer.   So there’s  that bit of good news to look forward to… a TOUR.    

I’m pretty sure none of these replacements will be as beautiful as Carlos, though.  So Boo. 


Thanks Minnie!


7 thoughts on “Evil

  1. Minnie

    My pleasure, Anners! Ta for posting this! Helps me to cope with my angst.

    I was quite surprised about one thing though (indeed, everyone saw this ‘Carlos quits Interpol’ coming sooner or later): I cried on that evening when I heard about this.. never thought Carlos was THAT important to me. :D


  2. Carlos D used to live in my sister’s building in the East Village. Apparently he walked around with his nose permanently stuck in the air. Why does none of this news surprise me?


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