Rexy Band Alert!

I hear that Kate Moss has finally been granted her wish to be in a band.   The band will consist of  her, her be-scarfed lover Jamie Hince, and three other sad souls who have nothing better to do with their time than play foul with peoples eardrums.

The band has already finished a cover of an”unnamed”song by The Velvet Underground.   Someone needs to assure me that that unnamed song is none other than “All Tomorrow’s Parties.”   Not because I love it to death or anything, but because it’s the only one I can sort of envision Kate singing with that adorable sad rat baby voice of hers.

Some slutcracker deluxe says that Katers has been helping out by “taking the session musicians out for dinner and giving her musical input”.  I don’t know what the phuck that means!   It suspiciously sounds as though they aren’t up to giving her vocal duty, though.

Phuck THEM.

Source  via Tiffers.


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