Lord of The Engagement Ring

Aw, how cute!   Orlando Bloom is finally ready to make an honest dingo out of Miranda Kerr.


If you want to buy a gift for the impending(o) nuptuals, I think they are registered here.


26 thoughts on “Lord of The Engagement Ring

  1. Cait

    The moment I saw this news, I knew I had to stop by and give a resounding pfft! Is it even legal to marry a dingo? Sounds questionable to me.

    In other news, HI ANNERS! And Joders and Wanders and all the other laydees. Long time no see!


  2. jean

    I just saw this on morning tv and they said that dingo turned him down twice because she wanted to keep her options open… she must have finally realized she can’t latch on to anyone more famous so finally gave in


  3. Cait

    In my broom closet of an office at work, hidden from the light of day and the sheer sunshine that is Orlando Bloom’s aging face. I’ve been away a while, but somehow I always manage to find myself back here with you fine slags. ;)


  4. Awwww I wanted to get the etruscan vase for them, remind Orly of his past loves…. still i guess some dancing dingo glittery pink shower gel will be a good second, or is May getting them that?


  5. Aliers

    Hi peeps! I knew Anners would be posting about this nonsense so I had to come by and say hello! :)
    I miss you guys!
    Jon has left for Afghanistan for a year. I’m stressed and depressed.
    I hope you are all well and having a phun summer.

    Ali-ers Hotshizski


  6. Mystic

    I have seen the ring and its not worth anywhere near what some mags have said. I have seen bigger ones at 50 cent machines in supermarkets.


  7. neely o'hara

    Um, doesn’t this sort of shoot all kinds of holes in delphi’s “showmance” theory? I believe that Orlando is an idiot, but surely he’s not so stupid as to marry her just for the sake of a ‘showmance.’ Perhaps wrong conclusions were made about these two and rather than the fakers they seem, they are actually just too shallow, empty headed people who are in love & going to get married?


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