lol@ dingHo


9 thoughts on “lol@ dingHo

  1. Not all white girls dance like that mystic – just ones called dingho! (and a few others)

    Its good to have a laugh first thing in the morning – thanks Anners! :)


  2. Did anyone happen to see the dingho’s appearance on Ellen a few weeks (or maybe it’s months now?) ago? She did the whole dancing up and down the stairs like Ellen does, but it was just awkward walking and hip swinging with much finger pointing into the air. She’s not terribly co-ordinated, our dingho.

    I was going to turn the sound down on the video in case she attempted to speak, but I decided not to. I wasn’t really concentrating on the music so for a minute I was sure someone was singing “gobble, gobble, gobble”. Which is very fitting really, anything she is associated with turns into a real turkey.

    Ha! Anners, remember the fellow in San Fran on the corner near Ghiradelli Square? “I can speak turkey!” What was his name, do you remember?


  3. You’re welcome, Slapparr. :)

    I’m sort of glad the dingo is around. She brings on the lolz like no other.

    Joders: ahaaaa! I forgot all about that guy at Ghiradelli square. It does sound like gobble gobble in the vid.
    I did not see the Ellen thing, tho. Thank the Lord.


  4. FroFro

    Ahhh… this one is a classic. One of my best lulz from the onset of fameho. White girl barbie with stick right up her ass, knock kneed, and just waiting for one of those stilletto heels to snap and watch the angel fly!


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