Have Neglected Bozzers A Bit

… but that’s only natural because she SUCKS.   Kidding.  Bozzers  doesn’t suck, but her boyfriend does!   Anyway, Bozzers has emerged from a long period of wearing really strange pastel-y and bleachy-looking clothes and so I felt she deserved a post.  This is a really cute outfit indeed but I strongly believe that a braid in the hair was in order.

15 thoughts on “Have Neglected Bozzers A Bit

  1. SadieJo

    A side pony with one of those inverted twist braids would be fabuuuulousss. Would take my eye off those godawful shooties she’s wearing.


  2. Avellana

    Hi! I like the shoes.. but I would totally loose the sweater.. and the hair I like the idea of the braid.. or more volume on it.


  3. Anonymers

    Man, Bozzers is really getting ‘the Hate’ with a capital H over at JustJared. It’s pitiful. Seems like peeps over there hate on her even harder than they do Miranduh since she started dating the big Swede.


  4. She’s been rocking the whole “I’m tired, but it’s sheik” look now for awhile, and it makes me hate her because I can’t make tired look glam even if I wore a giant crystal on a 47 inch chain like Bozzy does.

    Love your site. Totally out-ray.


  5. There’s a lot of things that only Bozzers can do, Vodkers.
    She’s special. Like, not eating food for instance and remaining alive. Totes kidding.

    Oh, and thanks for stopping by leaving a kind word. :)


  6. I don’t know if I have a take on the dingo marriage.

    I was just getting around to pissing on his honorary degree ceremony and now I have to get on the nuptuals. ;)

    La dingo and el whorelando work too fast for ‘lil old me.


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