Let’s all agree to Boycott Italian Vogue

Mayphrayn scanned this. Lolz.

If  Italian Vogue thinks that  it’s okay to feature dingoes on their cover just because they are cheaper than hiring REAL MODELS, they are wrong.   Dumbasses!   If I had a subscription (as if I could afford it), I would totally cancel it because that’s just not right.   


why is that loop around her neck so damn big? It should really be a lot smaller. BTW I am totally kidding.

8 thoughts on “Let’s all agree to Boycott Italian Vogue

  1. and in 3D too ! just in case you wanted to see more of her naughty bits…

    Anyway anners – in fact Italian Vogue haven’t really “used” her on the cover, more used her outline! that shot is so photoshopped it can hardly count as a realistic representation!!


  2. I think we’ve already seen too much of her naughty bits, slapparr. She needs to put them away.

    And I think we should boycott Vogue in general. It’s over rated. Aaaaaand, this cover is surely the worst cover on any Vogue in a very long time?

    Apparently (according to the dingho) femininity can only be achieved by posing naked and posing naked is the only way to advertise fashion.

    I feel sufficiently educated now.


  3. PoorOrlando

    I KNOW! I wondered who that was. It’s not the phat-phaced dingho we all know and hate.

    I didn’t think it was possible for her to look worse than she already does, but with those black lines down her cheeks electronically creating phake cheek bones, she’s accomplished the impossible.


  4. PoorOrlando

    That’s funny…. I agree, how is “naked” a fashion statement, unless they’re trying to sell little itty bitty hand towels(?) and dingho leashes.


  5. PoorOrlando

    Well, she IS going to have to subsidize her income somehow now that she will be getting phat with her own pup “in her belly”, so she’s already starting to pimp her adorable little dog out. She certainly can’t rely on Whorley to get enough work to keep her in the phake livin-the-life lifestyle she thinks she’s become used to. I still felt sad for Frankie when I saw her picture on the magazine (dripping blood – really Anners?). She can’t defend herself from this abuse.

    Don’t her eyes just scream, “somebody save me!”

    Oh gawd, I just had a flash of Mirandho holding her and Whorley’s little pup on the cover of the Globe magazine with some outrageous headline, such as, “Miranda Kerr Gives Birth to Alien Hybrid.” She is from outer space, right?


  6. ducati

    Let’s all say she will never get the cover of playboy and see if that happens. I know, I know, who has not seen her tits.


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