the boys are back!

so hello my fellow interpol inamorata! the new self-titled  interpol album comes out tomorrow. aren’t you excited? yes? not so much? who hasn’t heard it yet? what are your deepest and darkest thoughts about it if you have? the reviews out there have really been a mixed bag. the oh so important music reviewers either seem to really like or really hate it. they are using all kinds of adjectives to describe it. in fact, if i see one more person refer to the newest offering as “their eponymous album” one more time i might vomit. anyway, i read an article and sam mentioned that he sees this album as a slow burn and it takes some time to really let it sink in. i’ve had it for a while and i have to agree, i appreciate it more and more with each listen. i wasn’t a huge fan at first but i am now to the point of obsessing on certain songs!

is anyone planning on going to see shows this time around? i’m lucky enough to be attending a small kcrw show tonight, an outdoor show tomorrow and the jimmy kimmel taping on wednesday. the benefits of living in so cal, i suppose ;) if anyone else is going to be around, give me a holler!

in the meantime, i’ll leave you with the new video for barricade. of course, cola gorda is looking all sorts of hot in it so there is even more of a reason to watch!


15 thoughts on “the boys are back!

  1. Minnie

    What? Three shows in one week? You are a lucky gal!

    Please make a report for us after the shows!

    I live in Finland so I still have to wait over a week to get the new album. And for the record I am at the same time terrified and most eager to hear it. The reviews are totally mixed. It’s so depressing that I stopped reading them and do the review myself when the time comes.

    They never stop here, so I am going to see them in London this December.

    This post brightened my day :)


  2. Avellana

    for me it’s always taken a while for interpol records to “sink in”. but after a couple of days i can’t do without listening to their music. it’s so good! i love the lyrics in this album don’t know if it’s because Carlos is no longer with them, but it does seem a little different.. particularly the song “Always Malaise” is very good loaded with energy.. also like the spanish lyrics in “The Undoing”. I will be seeing them live next month at a festival in Mexico City, totally looking forward to it.. these guys really know what they’re doing.


  3. minnie – lucky indeed :) just posted about the kcrw show and will do a post for the space 15 twenty show in a few… you’ll have to let us know what you think of the album when you hear it. to be honest, the reviews don’t mean much at the end of the day :) which show in london? i’ll be there for the one on the 7th!

    avellana – that’s interesting. i loved totbl and antics immediately. olta took a while and i think i may even like the new album more than olta. i really like always malaise, too! i love all the vocal layering and it’s so different. i like those spanish lyrics, too. enjoy your show and let us know how it goes!


  4. Minnie

    omg we’ll be in the same show in london! can you see my email? you should contact me prior to the show so we can meet? i’m probably spending the whole day there to get a piece of them, i could use a little company :D i’m also going to the arcade fire show the day after that!

    if i’m more in the money by december i’ll try to get tickets to all the shows they are doing in britain.


  5. Lucky Tiffers three shows in one week!

    I’ve only heard Lights & Barricade so far but I think both are great! Need to wait till Monday for the album but I’m pretty sure I’ll love that too.

    Seeing them at the end of November! Can.Not.Wait.


  6. minnie – i’ll totes send you an email and we will coordinate something! :D and lucky you with the arcade fire show! i have to head back across the pond so i can make it home in time for finals!!! i’m doing all of the uk shows so if you do just let me know!

    miss world! how are you? hope all is stellar! i absolutely love those two songs, too. can’t wait for you to hear the rest of the album and divulge your thoughts! are you doing to the dublin shows?


  7. Things are grand Tiffers, hope all is stellar with you too! Once I’ve had a listen to the album I’ll be sure to to let you know what I think!

    I’m going to the Edinburgh show. I actually had booked tickets for a Cast gig that night so I was gutted thinking that I would miss Interpol but fate stepped in & Cast was moved to the next night. Yay!


  8. glad to hear it miss world! i may actually be at that show, too. i haven’t solidified anything yet but if i do we should totally grab a pint! ;) i don’t know that i have ever listened to cast – i’ll have to check them out. any song suggestions?


  9. Really?! That would be so cool to meet up! You can get my e-mail from this can’t you? So just e-mail me if you’re up my end and we’ll totes grab a pint :)

    Cast are an old brit-pop band that have recently reformed, they’re pretty good but I’m really tagging along for my friend who is a HUGE fan. Good song suggestions ‘Alright’ ‘Sandstorm’ ‘Walk away’ ‘Fine time’ ‘Live the dream’ ‘Guiding Star’


  10. yes, i see your email and i will absolutely be in touch! :D i actually looked at my ipod and had a song of theirs on it called burn the light from a select music mag sampler. i totally remember them now! have fun at that show, too!!


  11. Minnie

    Trippy, Weird, Uncanny, Intoxicating, Penetrating, Disorienting, Coherent, Dark, Funny, Playful, Sweet, Caressing, Dreamy, Uncomfortable, Heavy, Full, Airy, Melancholic, Sad, Solid, Rolling, Psychedelic, Danceable, Repeating, Hypnotic..

    Some words I would use to discribe this awesome new record Interpol S/T! I fucking love it!!! I’ve been listening to it so much the past few days, but I’m in this weird state of mind and I can’t yet do a proper review.. if ever :D But I love it so much, GOD!


  12. those are all brill adjectives to describe the new album minnie! now that it’s marinated a little more in your brain and you loving it more or the same? i keep finding new things to love about it with every fresh listen! :D


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