interpol 9/7 space 15 twenty l.a.

so, i have to admit, even though it wasn’t nearly as intimate i think i liked tonight’s show more than last night. and it had everything to do with the set list of course! which included:

success, say hello to the angels, summer well, narc, lights, the heinrich maneuver, try it on, evil, barricade, not even jail – encore – take you on a cruise, stella was a diver… and slow hands!

everything was stellar – the weather was perfect and the sun was setting as they went through their set. it was in a parking of a music store and it was still a pretty small show. my faves from the evening included say hello to the angels and stella. paul’s guitar strap snapped or something mid-song and they kept soldiering on until they got his other guitar to him. total pros! luckily enough someone has already posted those two songs on youtube so they are below. after the jump are some of my (crappy) pics, too!

say hello to the angels (paul looking cute in his hoodie)


also, here is part of summer well. it’s becoming a favorite!

daniel is too busy playing and shaking his booty to get a non-blurry shot! :D

everyone wants a piece of cola gorda. i don’t blame them! ;)

a pensive paul

sam and pajo

too fast for me again (all i kept thinking is that master tsuukai will be so disappointed!)

blurry paul

another sam and pajo

the only semi decent one of the bunch i’m afraid!

also, i wasn’t intentionally not photographing brandon. he was not in my line of sight :(

tomorrow is kimmel! :D


8 thoughts on “interpol 9/7 space 15 twenty l.a.

  1. Minnie

    Grreat!!! Thanks for putting the photos and videos up! They sound good. Will you try to meet them tonight, or Cola at least? Say hi from me!!!!!! ;-)

    Banks is looking so young.. it’s probably the haircut? 0_O


  2. Great pics Tiffers! They sound amazing in the videos, I really can’t wait to see them! And that’s the first time I’ve heard Summer Well (even if it is only a snippet) and me likey what I hear of it so far! I really can’t wait to hear the album in its entirety.


  3. Someone’s got a bowl haircut…

    Nice pics, Tiffers! I love how there’s a ladder propped up against the building… hee… Have fun at Kimmel!!! I think I’m slowly coming around to embracing Interpol again…


  4. hey konst – i wish i taped those! feel free to put them on your fb, i put them up here! ;)

    wanders! how are you? hope all is well! :)

    minnie – i couldn’t leave work early enough to try to meet them and i was super hungry after so i went searching for food. maybe i will try when they come back in october!! :D and i so love the haircut, it’s all sorts of cute. and when he’s clean shaven he does look sooooo super young. love it!

    anners – i’m so happy to hear you say that! :D i know, the ladder was kind of weird. kimmel was good but only 5 songs. meh :/ and it is a little bowl-ish, isn’t it?


  5. Ha, I saw them a couplea years ago and Daniel wouldn’t stop moving around then either. Up and down, back and forth.

    Paul’s hair is not only a bowl, but a bit of a mullet, no?


  6. hi rachel! dan is a non-stop dancing machine. i love just watching him tear it up. and yeah, paul’s do is getting a little long-ish in the back ;) i kinda like him with longer hair (old school) myself so we’ll have to see what ‘do he rocks through the rest of the tour!


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