Pete DirtyHo is designing Jewelry


His line is called Albion Trinkitry and the logo is pure class.   I love Pete DirtyHo!   I love his brain, his charisma, and the paunch contained in that gorgeous creme-colored sweater he is wearing.  

I have attached an image gallery of Pete for your viewing pleasure; you’re so very welcome.   I only wish that there were more of his jewels to showcase!  But if the resplendent chain hanging from his neck is any indication, his stuff has Kate Bozzers’ jewelmint shit beat down hard with a crack pipe.

5 thoughts on “Pete DirtyHo is designing Jewelry

  1. If Pete Doherty is showcasing his jewellery then why is he covering/hiding them from view in three of the photos? Nice to see that he’s ‘moved on’ with his life.


  2. oh good god dirtyho! what exactly is going on? the paunch is totes fabu!! and yeah, what/where exactly is the jewelry line? perhaps it’s been injected in to the paunch and can only be seen via x-ray? or perhaps it appears once one has injected/smoked the proper hallucinogen! he’s tricky, that one!


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