Let’s all agree to Boycott Italian Vogue

Mayphrayn scanned this. Lolz.

If  Italian Vogue thinks that  it’s okay to feature dingoes on their cover just because they are cheaper than hiring REAL MODELS, they are wrong.   Dumbasses!   If I had a subscription (as if I could afford it), I would totally cancel it because that’s just not right.   

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Will This Ephing Book Just Go The Eph Away?

When the dingo threatened to write a book a few years ago, she wasn’t ephing around!

In answer to the alert on the right-hand side of the screencapture:  No.   No I do not want you to email me when this dipshit literature becomes available!  I want you to flush it down the toilet! 

Though I very much doubt that this book cover is real (it’s too gross for words!),  I chose to post it here as evidence that this nutcase is serious as surgery about her literary phuckery.  (The real book cover will of course have the dingo rising as a tall poppy in a field of poppies.  Because she is the “tawrl porpy” and we all have tall poppy syndrome!)

Here’s the poorly-written write-up from Amazon.com:

 My thoughts:

  1. Was something mentioned about this being her ‘first’ book?  No!  No way is God going to allow this domesticated animal to write more than one book.
  2. I don’t quite understand why the book is going to be written for a “new audience of young adults”.  As opposed to what… an old audience of young adults?
  3. “this book has important lessons on self-confidence, inner beauty and acceptance that will resonate throughout their life journey”.   Replace “important” with “bogus”. 
  4.  “It uses some of the classic wisdom that has inspired Miranda to achieve….”  Why not use ‘all’ of it?  Why is Miranda holding out on us?
  5.  “It presents [the] incredible life story of one of the most ridiculous successful international models  today with down-to-earth life lessons that anyone can relate to .  The only thing incredible about her life story is that God allowed her bad seed to go through.
  6. It offers fantastic tips and beauty secrets.  That’s nice.  Maybe she can share a few of these with her strange husband?
  7. 284 pages?  Really?  Isn’t this the moron who chained her naked body to a tree to protect the koalas?  I guess it’s okay if the koala’s lose their habitat so that she can publish a colletcion of phuckity nonsense?
  8. The made a horrible mistake in the product details!   The language of the book will most certainly not be in freaking English.   Dingoese, natch.

July is a good month for ephing around



Because I was curious, I did some digging into how our lady of phuckery, Whorelando Bloom, came to be vested with an honorary degree.  Why, I wondered, was the University of Kent feeling so bloody charitable? Could it be that someone nominated Whorelando? Could it be that Whorelando nominated himself? Could he have possible donated some bones to the renovation of the Marlowe Theater?  
Ah, who knows and who KERRS?  
For fiction’s sake, this is how I like to envision the trajectory:   Whorelando Bloom got bored one day and typed “I want a phucking honorary degree” into his search engine.   The following information in the form of steps came up.  Whorelando reacts to the steps and so on…


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