Cola Gorda

Once upon a time Ashtanga Yoga Booty became Cola Gorda.   Sorry, Banks. 


Morgan is so smart!  I totally bit on her idea to have a separate page for stuff.  Here’s the miscellaneous Cola Gorda page!  Peoples are asking where I get pics from:  the messboard, yo!  The links are all here. 

* I think this is a good place to keep track of D. Solrac’s T-shirt thingy.  D. Solrac is aces for sharing the mole patrol with us.

* If you want to leave links here that’s cool, too!   :)



The Official Forum/Messboard

The Unofficial Forum/Messboard

Paul Banks Community (Live Journal)

Interlol (Mostly Funny Captions of Interpol) 



Not Interpol sites, but by cool slags who dig Interpol.

Chick On Speed

Moles Away! 

She Found A Lonely Sound

236 thoughts on “Cola Gorda

  1. Ugg

    jippi!!! mole patrol!! can’t wait. i hope someday i see someone wearing a mole patrol-tshirt. at the grocerystore or something. hhahahalol. not likely, but I CAN HOPE. we should send one to helena!! HAHAHA.


  2. Yay! Mole Patrol shirts!!!D.Solrac: But what about the damn medals? Is the artist working on those, too? ;)

    * Ugg: You are so cute! And so happy! So happy and cute!


  3. Morgan

    D.S. – When you say “The Artist” I keep thinking of Prince! hahahaha! Is Prince designing our shirts? Will they be purple? Sorry, I am silly today. For real though…it is very sweet of you to go through all this trouble for your fellow mole patrolers. I know how difficult “artists” can be. I’m married to one.


  4. D. Solrac

    *Anners – I’m forging the medals as we speak! It is diffucult and expensive to work with solid gold, but the good news, is that I’m giving them away to you all for free!!! ahhahahahaha!

    *Miss Morgan – How did you guess that Prince himself is making the t-shirts? That little bytch is so hard to work with…

    Really, it’s no trouble at all! I’m having a great time doing this – I just hope that ya’ll will like one of the designs. Prince is making two different one per my instructions.


  5. D. Solrac

    If you really want purple, maybe we can figure it out. : ) I want you to be happy!!!

    But, one of the designs has to be a certain way and you will see why…

    Now if “the Artist” would just get back to me with the final designs!


  6. D. Solrac

    Here’s the first design:

    Well, let me explain it, this isn’t a picture of Banks. It’s a picture of a mole map explaining the Chinese meaning of moles from a mole buster in Taipei. The Artist changed the color of the hair, and added Mole patrol. It’s wierd how much this picture looks like Banks. The Artist and I think it’s a cool image – full of mystery! Tell me what ya’ll think. Next one hopefully tomorrow.


  7. Morgan

    I like it too! Whoa, it does resemble Banks!

    You keep saying “the artist!” hahahahaha I don’t know why that cracks me up…I suppose I am easily amused.


  8. me

    D. Solrac: At first, I didn’t get what you meant by “mole buster,” so I looked it up. Now, I’m like “Ohhhhhhh!!!!” haha! That is such a clever idea — I love it.


  9. D. Solrac

    The Artist forgot to make the next design. I can’t believe this isn’t the most important thing he’s got going on!
    He said tomorrow.


  10. Lala

    OMG the first design yeah i like it but I don´t understand “mole buster” someone could explain to me please :)

    jajaja that pic of Cola Gorda cola gorda jajaja cute.


  11. It’s okay, D. Solrac… we can wait. by the way! Yay! You got an avatar!

    * Hi Lala.

    Mole buster: someone who reads the secret meaning of moles?


  12. ^ Hahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahahahhaahahaahahahahhaha

    * brill!
    * are u serious?
    * BRILL!!!!


  13. D. Solrac

    Mole buster – someone in China who will remove moles that are giving you bad luck or that are giving you a bad personality. All moles have a special meaning!


  14. Morgan

    OMG, D.S.! I love it! “The Artist” has outdone himself…and so have you! It’s subtle yet in your face (if you’re “in the know”).


  15. D. Solrac

    hahahhaha!!!!!! i”ll tell The Artist – he was very sweet to take all these orders from me.

    Now, I hope people want to buy this damn t-shirt. The more people that order it , the cheaper it is for everybody. Now the process of ordering and getting sizes begins. This should be interesting.


  16. Ugg

    if he sees someone with a t shirt like that… he must think we are mental.. like ..”that reminds me of something….. HUH?!!!”


  17. D. Solrac

    I need some sort of organized method to get sizes from everybody who wants one.

    *Anners – maybe you could make a post about it with a picture of the design – I’m afraid people wont know it’s here.
    Then I’ll give everybody a time frame for giving me their sizes and how many they want. Then when they are made, and shipped to me, I’ll deal with actual payment through paypal – and I’ll figure out shipment as well.

    Anners – is your avatar a lady in burka – or is it Banksy’s ass? I can’t tell! :)


  18. It’s Banksy’s ass, D. Solrac… do you want the design on the front of the post? I just did one and I tucked it away on the inside ? — It’s a surprise that way!


  19. D. Solrac

    *Anners – the post is great! I don’t know if this is possible, but could we delete the first design with the face and just go with the medal? I don’t want people to think they have a choice.
    Is that too much work for you? I’m sorry!


  20. * I wish I would have read this! Ha! Ha! Okay I already deleted it… man! I wanted a choice! Ha. No problem whatsoever, D.Solrac! :)

    * Ugg! HHhaha. I found the pics on the messboards. Feel free to use these (of course)… and I left you a comment on the T-shirt post about your ‘moles’ video… that was great! Can I post the ass video since MOrganers got first dibbs on the Moles one? <—-hahahahahaha.


  21. Ugg

    hahah, sure you can post it here, if it’s okay for morgan!!! she kind of announced it on her blog. LOL. the ass-video might take a while tho.. cause i have to really search my ass off <- HAHA. for those pics. they won’t give them to me at the online forum, those bitches.


  22. D. Solrac

    Thanks Anners for making the order page so great with the sizes and everything!

    And I went with the AA t-shirts for exactly the same reason you stated – they don’t make you look like bulldyke! Nothing wrong with that, if you are one, though. No discrimination here.


  23. Morgan

    Anners & Ugg – First off…hahahaha @ “Put your hands away, Morgan!”

    Since I am a nice person & I did get the “Moles” video, it’s only fair that Anners gets the ASS video! But, I still want HANDS! We can take turns. :)

    Ugg – Anners & I are fighting over your videos! Not really, but still you should be proud of your excellent film editing skills! You better keep ’em coming! hahahaha


  24. * D. Solrac! Oh, thanks! You’re soooo welcome. You’re great! Sorry, bulldykes….

    * Lala: jajjajajaa. That was the funniest comment ever! It’s on Morgan’s blog:

    * Morgan: Thanx for laughing, pal!

    * Ugg: Great tactic there… calling people names and then asking them for favors… :)


  25. Ugg

    yes i know, hihi.
    but i’m a freak too.. so it was like.. hello fellow freaks, you understand why i want pictures of his ass yes? and they didn’t:(


  26. Ugg

    HELLO mole patrol. can somebody be cool and sexy, and write a hot banks-inspired verse about his ass?

    i need it for something. hahaha.


  27. Ugg

    and thank you annerrrrrsssss.. i found out where you stole them, hahaha. and i found some more. woho:D
    please pretty please, write a poem/verse about his cola gorda:):)


  28. Verses about Banksy’s cola gorda:

    Alas, the ass ain’t what it used to be /It’s now an Ashtanga Yoga Booty….

    * Sorry UGG, I’m stumped! I’ll ask my pal Afro Jamaicano… he’s clever with this stuff..


  29. kick

    I’m confused—what password are we supposed to be using? Do we have to set up an account somewhere? I think I missed something important.


  30. Seriously Ugg. That font needs to be 500% larger.

    Kelly, he’s sad because he just found out that I am starting to fancy Orlando a wee bit more than I fancy him…

    Kick: thank for the pics!


  31. Jossie

    needs slow hands hair cut,he smiles in the last pic, he looks cute,i always thought he only owned solid colors shirts and tshirts.


  32. kick

    ^^^^^I think it refers to crazies on the messboard writing for pages and pages in 800 point font about the sexiness of Cola Gorda.


  33. Kelly

    Kick, thanks for the pics. What don’t you like about the look?

    Oooooh – by the time they are back on tour, Cola’s hair will be halfway down to his Cola Gorda.


  34. D. Solrac

    I love the long hair, I love the scarf, I love the designer flannel shirt, and I love his sad face.
    Wish I had been there. :(


  35. Kelly

    D, it’s from the new interview “Paul on Privacy.” It started some funny discussion on the official messboard – I can’t believe their mods are leaving it up! His 30-70% theory is a highlight.


  36. Ugg

    hahahaahahha d-bag!
    yeah, people are sticking up for him, but i don’t know why everyone is so surprised by this interview. it’s not like he has ever given the impression he is an outgoing happy smiley guy!! hahahaa. but some of the messboarders seem kinda angry too.. at what he said..
    i got the impression some of them wanted to de-banks themselves.. not good!!!! it’s worse on the onlineforums tho.. they think everything he says is genious, when it’s very obvious it’s not. hahahha.
    the interview was kinda silly, imo. but who cares when you got an ass like his? COLA GOOOOOORDA


  37. UGG! hahahaha…

    What could he say to make fans being angry with him?

    Sorry, I know i should go to IMB but I’m tired of reading only posts of hardcore fans… or the girls the only thing they say have the word Paul on every comment

    Please, don’t misunderstand me. I love this blog, and all the comments here are really funny but in those IMB girls stun me


  38. Kelly

    Actually my fave word from that thread is when someone called him a douche-twat. I think many interviewers try hard to ask him good questions, I don’t know what he’s on about.

    So I guess now he’s living with Ms. “last call” Christensen?


  39. I prefer laughs to people who just want to live in denial and will send you to shut up your mouth just for accepting Paul is like any other guy, kinda assshole.. hehe… I´m also surprised that thread lasted considering hte amount of gossip is in it, oh well..

    Kelly, you just made me laugh loud!! “ms. last call” hahahaha…

    And yes, I guess he´s living with her, somebody posted an article from chile in livejournal and it says “answering the phone from the house of his girl in Manhattan, Helena Christensen”…

    I would have thought Interpol would have gave him enough money to buy his own crib :-P


  40. Ugg

    zu! do you speak spanish? or anyone who does?
    i know just a little bit,not enough! but it would be really really awesome if someone could translate it!!! it’s not that long right? PLEASE PRETTY PLEAAAASE. :D


  41. sara

    Ugg! There’s a link to an English translation somewhere in the IMB. The official one. I found it last night under the category “paul on privacy”…it was somewhere around page 5 or so. I’d find it for you tonight but I’m SO flippin’ tired that I can barely keep my eyes open right now.

    The interview’s pretty interesting, I suppose. He just sounds like a guy who’s tired of being asked the same lame questions over and over again…


  42. Ugg

    thanks saara!!!!but i didn’t mean the german one, there is a new one, a spanish one, where he IS TALKING TO THEM on the phone , THE COUGARS phone. at COUGAR MANSION. aiaiai. hahahha. good night:D


  43. Kelly

    LJ has been too good today! Thanks to my_lioness for this little gem:

    I’m not a Helena hater, I am indifferent to Paulena I suppose, but when I read this it made me laugh so loud. It’s an interview with Matt Berninger from The National (its quite recent, Dec 07 I think), he’s talking about meeting famous fans of the band:

    “When that kind of stuff happens I immediately email all my friends. Helena Christensen came up to me after a show once, so [mimes typing gesture] ‘I was talking to Helena, I couldn’t hang out too long. She wanted to party but I told her I was married’”.


  44. tamuchi

    I love lurking on the LJ for gems like the above.

    Question, though, should I lurk or join the “unofficial” messboard? I’m on IMB because I like to keep it real (hee!), but I’m thinking I need to check out the other site…


  45. ugg, I do speak perfect spanish :-P but besides that comment about he´s receiving the call from the house of his girl helena christensen, there´s nothing interesting tehre, the same things about live songs and records. Althhough, if you want to, I will happily do a translation and send it to you, just give me some time…

    About livejournal, people is normally very nice there, I dont know, but I really like Master and of course Anners and I say, as the wonderful song Ugg posted, let´s make love! haha..


  46. Thank you, Zu! Yeah, I don’t mind the livejournal people. But I saw 2 people there who were saying stuff about Tsukai… not cool! ;) BTW, I love your Live Journal avatar !


  47. Ugg


    eeek. i scared myself. i’m so happy whiii


  48. D. Solrac

    Uggers!!!!!! I am so excited for you!
    you mean, you can just walk right across the street, and that’s the festival??? ***CODE RED STALKER ALERT***


  49. Kick

    From someone on the official messboard—

    Paul in Chile

    Paul looks a bit travel sleepy but still able to smoke.

    Daniel in Chile

    Does Daniel sleep in his suit? I would happily volunteer to find out if it’s true. :)


  50. stella

    that was a hot picture of daniel.
    i’ve read that he prefers to wear suits than anything. i guess it’s like those girls who won’t stop wearing leggings. and i’m pretty sure they sleep in em..


  51. Jossie

    you are welcome, anners.

    Daniel is my least favorite,but I’d love to be his assistant,poor thing is multi-tasking,the suit,the bag, his wallet, smiling for pics,oh wait, it’s Daniel.


  52. Ugg

    hahahahhahahahahhaha what is going ooooooooon
    i don’t understand what the hell they are doing


  53. googie

    oh man. a headband. a tear falls… i don’t know who he is anymore. so many things are just wrong… strange. perhaps that is true love, makes you lose your senses. but really. headband. that visual will haunt me for a long long time.


  54. Kellers

    i think he’s trying to look euro — wait for the pink neon speedo, it may be next! cougar looks like she doesn’t have any teeth in a few of those pics.


  55. googie

    i almost feel like he might be doing it on purpose to fuck with the paparazzi… i just refuse to believe he thought it was ok to walk in public like that and that she didnt even stop him. it’s so awkward that it looks like his face has been pasted on someone elses body…..


  56. googie

    today in the London paper Sunday magazine was a picture of HC….. next to it said she was barely noticed when leaving a NY restaurant with her “hot Toy-Boy”.. but it didnt bother to even mention his name…. haha… it said that the paps turned all their attention away from her and to Lauren Conrad and Spencer….


  57. googie

    hey Anners! sometimes i keep quiet for a bit but the headband just got me too worked up… visually offensive….


  58. Ugg

    OH AND BTW anners, i’m seeing interpol in 11 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :D:D:D:D i’m wearing the t-shirt too, hahaha. TO REPRESENT THE MOLE PATROL.
    WONDER if he gets it. haha lol.


  59. If anyone is interested, D. Solrac & I saw Cola & Cougar lunching in NYC Monday! Details to come! More importantly, we met Tiffers! She totally rocks & is one of the sweetest peeps ever!


  60. Did you say: Congratulations cougar for this piece of meat? or something? a brick? hahahah.,..

    Thats super cool!! I wish I could go to new yookr!!!

    dont forget to tell us the details of NYC adventure !!!



    Cola Gordians get ready to rumble!

    May 05, 2009 01:57 PM ET
    Cortney Harding, N.Y.

    Interpol’s lead singer, lyricist and guitarist Paul Banks will release a solo album under the name Julian Plenti, according to the Matador Records blog. The new project, “Skyscraper,” will be released on August 4th.

    Banks has written and performed under the Plenti moniker for several years, according to a source close to the situation. While the album was recorded recently, some of the songs were written more than ten years ago. The album is described as having a “cocky, sexy” feel, with tracks that sound similar to Interpol, as well as some straight-ahead guitar rock songs

    fuente de la notica Aqui

    pagina de “Julian Plenti ”

    ooo I hate that stupid moustache…

    BTW.. Esplanade is THA song!

    I love you Anners, i hope you are fine with job and school :D


  62. It is a good placebo… obviusly it’s not interpol but there are good tracks as “Only if you run”, “on the esplanade”, “games for days”… good lyrics too :D :P


  63. Minnie

    nOW that i’ve listened to the album, I have to say this, although it troubles me greatly: it might even be better than interpol! :O


  64. Jossie

    Good news!! Paul is coming to Mexico on Feb 24 and I’m so going!!!! I bought my ticket on friday, can’t wait, I think Ichelzu is going,too.


  65. Lurker

    Hi. I never post but this is worth leaving anonymity…

    Jossie, or anyone else who knows, where can you check his tour dates?
    and also, in case you know, is he only presenting in Mexico D.F?
    Or, in other words, is he ever coming to Guadalajara?
    Because I really want to see him but can’t go to Mexico, and Guadalajara is another common place for concerts…


  66. At this moment… there is only one show at Mexico City… you should try to come! all interpolovers are very excited and the line is gonna be a party :D

    I hope to meet you there jossie? cola gordian should take their official t shirts :D
    :( i would love to have one :(


  67. Jossie

    @Master, It would be awesome to meet!!! Do you have your ticket already? I’d love to have a tshirt,too! I’m only going for a day, meaning I’ll get there in the morning and leave when the show is over, I wish I could stay some more.
    Lurker(lol) I dont know if He’ll be playing any other dates,I’m actually going from Veracruz, I know He is playing at the Nylon party the day after but this is also in mexico city.
    A full report to be expected and pictures.


  68. Jossie

    @Master, No,I dont know him, but the more the merrier! I’m trying to make the most of my less then 24 hour stay, I think I’m going to FICCO,too.
    I think Paul might stay at Condesa DF, do you think the cougar is coming, too? -_-


  69. ooo no… I will go to 4 shows (pontiac, milwaukee, 2 chicago).. i can’t go to la this time :( are you going to that show?

    btw slags have facebook? do you have facebook? :)


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