these are a few of my favorite things:

howdy! if you want to contact me you can email me at tiffers.euphonious@gmail.com. xoxo!

66 thoughts on “Tiffers

  1. tiffers euphonious

    anners – u rule! thanks for my contact page. how groovy! :)

    ali-ers – of course i’d have a sessy contact page! do you take me for anything other than a hormonal teenage (wishful thinking) girl? :P


  2. Miss World

    That pic of Banks is too hot for school. Or something.

    And I love that pic of Carl n’ Pete. Ah, the good old sessy & sweaty days.

    Oh, and hi Tiffers!!


  3. Tiffers!!!! Has this page been here for long and I just haven’t noticed? It only just got here, right?

    I can’t see Banksy’s pretty phace through his hair.


  4. tiffers euphonious

    miss world – hi back at you! :) too hot for school – i am so going to start saying that! :) bansky is a seriously hot piece! and petie and carl certainly ooze sessiness, don’t they!

    joders – it was just put up! you know what, i’ll swap out photos every once in a while to keep things saucy! ;) next one will have a follicle free banksy face!


    so i dont know if you saw it but ill put it again

    jarvis speaking in spanish. he says “cachai?” wich mean ” do ya understand?” lovely


  6. tiffers euphonious

    konst – yay you! OMG i loved that!!!! i love how he just mills about during songs chatting the audience up. he’s the best!!!! cachai? :P


  7. tiffers euphonious

    konst – i totes like that song! have you heard this one? i’ve been obsessing about it a lot:

    love of diagrams – the pyramid
    plus do you like fleet foxes? they are all mellow and guitar-y :)

    howdy morgan! yay and yay! who doesn’t love a little cola gordita?!?!?!


  8. tiffers euphonious

    yay! :) they are really, really mellow but i love the way their voices harmonize together! i’m seeing them in a month.


  9. tiffers euphonious

    konst – where can you get that coco song? i’ve been looking everywhere and i can’t find it :( mykonos is great! i love white winter hymnal, heard them stirring and oliver james. i pretty much love the whole album :) you rule konst, thanks!

    if any of you other slags want to share neat stuff, too, please feel free to do so!


  10. I think you all should check the live journal community of PB… I sweared myself I wouldnt mention him again but I cant resist myself to say: Poor Helena!! what´s wrong with that man! hehe..

    great you have your page Tiffers!!!!


  11. tiffers euphonious

    zu – i totally check that out every now and then. i’ll have to add it as a favorite. sometimes i think poor helena is right. esp after i saw those fashion week pics. he’s not looking so sessy as of late :( and yay for my page! :)

    thanks konst! i want to download it but i think i may just have to wait til it’s released. is it already out down there?


  12. tiffers euphonious

    do you know when coco comes out?

    beach house – nice konst! mellow – they kind of remind me a little of feist.

    did you watch gg this week? i am obsessed with this santogold song right now:


  13. no ,i dont but i will ask her. she’s super nice.

    noo i havent watch gg for a while cause you know , here we only get to see the last seasson. :(

    but i really like that song!


  14. well i do have news, a boy called Raphael Mann (he’s part of the band or something) said
    “Work on the I Blame Coco album hasn’t really started properly yet. Everybody’s keen for Coco to take her time with it and not rush something out. So far it’s been mainly ‘pre-production’ work – she’s been working with different producers to see who she likes, and she’s been doing lots of writing, and we’re testing new songs out live…lots of really cool new material.”


  15. tiffers euphonious

    very interesting konst! thanks for the update! maybe we need coco to come out and play the blogsworth meet up ;) tee hee!


  16. tiffers euphonious

    morgan – totes saw them tonight and they were amazing. however, my ass needs to get some sleepage so i will report in tomorrow with more news! :)

    konst – i still haven’t heard the new song. will listen to it in the morning. i’m excited!


  17. WOAAAAHHHH está muy bien tiffers!!! woaaah!!!!! felicidades!! aajajja grosso! (grosso its a word that i use it mean GREAT , AWESOME , its Grosso like when you say grosss but with an O at the end it pounounces just like the word :) )


  18. so yeah Estoy Grosso, lista para salir con mis amigos!, hoy jugaremos pictograma con mucho alcohol!será divertido (ready to go out with my friends tonight we’ll play pictographic WITH TONS of bozzeee, its gonna be fuuunnn :D! ahah )


  19. hahahahahaha i love it konst!!! muy muy bueno!!! have fun :) i finally listened to the songs and i liked them! :) i haven’t heard much new music lately – we cancelled some of our cable channels so i don’t get good music shows anymore. where do you find your new music?


  20. yeah that DOES WORK! :).

    i always win in that game and my friends end up super wasted ahHAHAHAH-
    where do i find the new music? i dont know just for myspace i guess :)

    this song is not new but its soo goood


  21. Ugg

    Heloo!!!!! where is your gossip girl post? it’s the highlight of my week!!
    i need to get gg-stuff of my chest!! or i will explodeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    hahahhhaaaaaaaaaaaa. i need to rewatch the episode again, for the third time:D MONDAY SOON!!!!!!!! I’M SO ADDICTED TO THIS SHOW IT’S EMBARRASING!!!!!!!!


  22. Kellers

    I’ve been so into the election I completely forgot about GG! That’s so wrong, forgive me Ugg. The fashion show was awesome, although we were cheated out of another limo shag for Blair and Chuck. That was a golden opp and the writers just teased us those bytches!!


  23. konst – petie is such a train wreck, i love it. that song is totes cute!

    ugg! so sorry, i actually thought this epi of gg was boring! i didn’t like the sheena remake (even though thurston and some other slag did it). i will do a post tomorrow for shizzie and we can discuss two weeks in one post. i blow, sorry!!! :( i’m totally addicted, too, and i so don’t care!

    kellers – you really thought it was awesome? i think i’m too annoyed with jenny. plus i didn’t think the clothes were that cute, either. we were sooooo cheated! i thought i was cute how chuck was being kinda sweet. their writers are total bitches – killing me! i think the last song was no new tale to tell by love and rockets. and old but ephing fabu song! was this it?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AFb3TUoxfo. oh how i used to crush on daniel ash and kevin haskins! ;)


  24. Kellers

    The clothes weren’t awesome, just the concept of a “guerilla fashion show.” Once again, Vanessa was plunked down in the scene to lurch the “plot” along. I agree Jenny is very irritating, and wtf with her dad letting her quit school at 15? And now he’s surprised that she’s running loose?

    Shockingly, they’re going to send Jenny to the model’s place but she will prob end up at Vanessa’s.


  25. yeah – the guerilla fashion show i thought was so far fetched but i guess it is still a cool concept :) and i agree about rufus and her being 15 with no rules or parental supervision. it’s re-re. i just did a proper post for this week’s show! YAY!


  26. YEAH TIFFERS radiohea dis commin but i hate those motherfuckers! they gave the news last nite at i dont know 8 pm? and the tickets will start to sell today at 5:oo pm I MEAN C’MON ,,my country is full of radiohead fans FULL ,,,it will be crrraaazzzzzzyyyy.i asked my parent money i hope they can give me today the money cause the first 12000 tickets have a -20% of the price. anyways they tickets are a bit expensive. theres no way i can get 140 dollars for today (wich its like if they were askin 240 dollars there). so ill have to get a cheaper one :( i cant wait cause i know that the tickets will sell out today. radiohead could ask a 438734895734875389473 dollars for a fuckin ticket and I KNOW people would buy it anyways. sad but true.


  27. konst – that is insane and ridiculous! seriously, they are charging that much and only playing one show? that’s retarded. oh i so wish you good luck getting a ticket and that you get the cheap one! i think we paid a lot for ours, too (like $100) but that’s just out of control. can you show up the day of the show and try to get someone to sell you the ticket for less? or do you guys have websites where people offer tickets for the value of the ticket? buena suerte :D


  28. konst – OMFG YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! muchas felicidades!!! :) i am so happy for you! you have to tell me all about it when you go. no se olvide! sorry about the comment going to spam!

    dobyta – are you in south america, too? are you going to get to see them?


  29. dobyta: are you from chille too!!¿!?!?!! I HOPE SOO THAT COULD BE SUPER COOL.
    yeah! i heard! i was chatting with the owner of the page potq.cl and he told me that too.
    i hope soo! did you get your ticket ? the tickets for golden circle are sell out. !!!


  30. Aloha Tiffers! Jackson sure is delish, I’ve now added him to my harem of fantasy boyfriends ;)

    Twilight doesn’t come out over here till next month! Although I’m kind of stuck trying to find someone to go with me :( Mr. World won’t come see it because it ain’t his cup of tea (he also thinks I’m kind of sad for getting all excited over a teen film, but whatevs), none of my friends will come see it because they are unaware of how great Twilight is & of how unbelievably hot Jackson, Bobson and co. are, so I don’t know what I’m going to do! I may have to hijack some teen girls outside the cinema & ask if I can tag along!

    You’ll need to do some sort of review when you see it! And let me know exactly how much Jackson screen time there is ;)


  31. yeah gurls ill tell ya everything EVERYTHING ill take all ther best pictures and ill make some videos.. its gonna be great! hey i aproved my examn of Law & Politics!!!


  32. miss world! cross pollenation of the harems is always a good thing ;) i may have a hard time finding someone to go with me as well. but i figure if nothing else i’ll just go by myself and my tub o popcorn can be my date! i’ll totally do a review and let you know how much time our boy occupies :)

    konst! i’m so proud of you!!!! well done, well done! and you’ll need to do a review of the show for us for sure. you are going to love the lights – they were amazing!


  33. dear tiffers, hope you have received my mix!! I didnt know :-P oh, can you tell me who the hell is the first guy in your page here? Isnt the one of that movie, twilight? I know him from somewehre but I Cant remember!! ,well, not know him know him, I just have seen him in some movie or tv series :-P


  34. hey zu! yes i got your mix and it’s great! just waiting on a few of the other slags although i must say the postal service is the hold up so that’s unfortunate! :( the first boy is jackson rathbone and he is delish!!!! he plays jasper in twilight (which i thought was quite good). he was in something but i’m not sure what the name of it was.


  35. sorry to hear about hte postal service :-( Hopefully they will arrive soon! :-)

    ohh, and now I remember!!! he used to be in a tv series called beautiful people!! it was like gosssip girl but in nerdy and with the poor one as lead character… but they cancelled! I was probably the only one watching, hahah..


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