Dingo  (derivatives include:  dingHo, dingwhore, Mirandingo) :  Our Pet name (hahahhaha) for Miranda Kerr, the aging “supermodel” who isn’t so super, really.

Dingoese:  The language spoken by the Dingo.  Duh!

Whorelando Bloom:   Orlando Bloom’s more appropriate name.  He has more than likely slept with a lot of people (purposefully ambiguous).  He is my once and (possibly) future crush.   Failing actor.

Oui Oui:   Sound it out.   Pretty men have oui oui’s.   Carrot Top does not have a oui oui.  He has a penis… (I think!).

STD:   Sausage Tainted by a Dingo.   Whorelando Bloom’s got one of these thingies.

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