You Are The Quarry


Hi ladies (and gents?). It’s Easter Weekend. Whatever that means to you, may it be grand. That out of the way, this post is dedicated to the all of the Orlando Bloom messboards and messboarders around the world. I love you something fierce. Free Loot! Damn, all I need to cheer up just a little is to stumble across threads dedicated to either his veins (!) or his ‘hair porn’. Hahahhaha!

Honestly, I think I hate Whorelando.   I just enjoy looking at him.  “It’s okay to look!” <—–

Changed my mind:  I don’t hate Whorleando.

And I hate all the slags who’ve made stick fires with him.

By the way, the title of this post comes from a Morrissey album. It is the  greatest of all Morrissey albums. Don’t stone me, those of you who think he peaked in 1989 or something.

It’s been a slow posting week. Next week I’m basically studying for that graduate exam and that’s it (no work), so I’ll be posting more.

Without further adieu, here’s the latest loot from my messboard quarrying:




^ Asses aren’t for everyone.


^ He looks soooo uncoomfortable. “I’m with Tweety Bird.”


^ He looks like he just shagged someone! Me!


^ Don’t asque, Don’t tell.


^ I can see his panties!


^ Adjusting his oui oui in public. W00t!


^ Weird.


^ What goes on here? Eva Green is a phreak. She best get her sorceress hands off my bytch man’s phace. Just kidding!




* Janers added these dingo pics and I AM NOT AMUSED!!!!!!

^nothing more romantic than a gas station


27 thoughts on “You Are The Quarry

  1. Hey Anners! That second picture?

    Your boyfriend called and said that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but shall have eternal life.

    I’ve been saving that one.


  2. Cait

    “And I hate all the slags who’ve made stick fires with him.”


    Excellent post, Anners. Excellent! After reading it (and, I’m not gonna lie, oogling his ‘hair porn’) I realized I’ve been spending too much time perving over my Baseball Boyfriend (as Opening Day fast approaches), and not enough with Orlando. I’m a bad girlfriend!

    And Wanda: heheheh! Years of Catholic schooling makes me feel guilty about laughing my ass off at that! :P


  3. jane121

    Happy Easter Guys, my lovely family abandoned me the entire holiday.

    that tag made me lavgh as did the first photo. Why can’t he keep his hands out of his pants in public? Is the herp flaring up again?


  4. ugg

    asses arent for everyone <- HHAHAHAHHAHAHA.
    and the weird pic is brill. AND THE LAST ONE. LOOOOOOOOL. orli is so funny.


  5. tiffers euphonious

    happy easter jane! we’ll be your subsitute fam for the weekend :)

    anners! so love quarry (i know it’s cheesy but first of the gang to die is a fave) and i love the pink shirt pic. it reminds me a little of my friend’s 18 year old sister ;) totally backing konst up on that one!


  6. jane121

    thanks tiffers. I have 3 overbearing dogs to keep me company and my sister came home, she gave me lots of choc and said my parents left some in the garage. So now I have a bounty of a chocolate and a new charm for my bracelet so am having a much cheerier easter.


  7. joders

    Anners, thank you for my Orly fix. I’m feeling slightly more satisfied now.

    But no more chocolate! I might just as well have had it intravenously. I feel sick.

    Happy Easter all.


  8. * Thanks, Cait!

    * You r so welcome, Joders.

    * Jane: How bad do you suck for slipping those Dingo bytch pictures in there? I cried! Cried!

    * Ugg, I knew you’d dig the ‘weird’ pic. Hee Hee! Plz start yer food blog. :)

    * Tiffers: I love 1st of the gang to die! “… you have never been in love till you’ve seen sunlight thrown over smashed human bone…” <– jajajajajjajajajaja!

    * WANDA RIZZUTO!!! That’s blasphemy and ur going to hades. But I did emit a giggle.


  9. jane121

    It was tiffers.

    Joders don’t kid urself guys don’t need to shove their hands down the pants for arrangement – he is scratching at that bad case of herp.


  10. Are u serious?! Tiffers did this?!

    But…… NOOOOOOOO!! Ur all trying to sabotage my relationshit with Orlando! It’s not right!

    (I seriously want to punch that dingo bytch in the teef for playing with my Whorelando’s hair.)


  11. tiffers euphonious

    what did i do? no sabotaging anners relationship from me. i hope she marries legolas and lives happily evah after and that he’s not adjusting the oui oui in their wedding pics! ;)


  12. His name isn’t Legolas Tiffers, it’s Hong Kong Phooey. And he’s mine.

    Cait, you have the Catholic microchip too, eh? I’ve tried to dig mine out with a spoon but it’s really jammed in there.


  13. Kellers

    They’re in a car? And he’s driving?! Ok dingo, it’s lights out for you the next time he plows into a parked car…

    As for the adjustment, between his expression and his hand inside his undies, Janers is prob correct in her assessment of the herp.

    Happy Easter!


  14. Sadie Jo

    New dingho phrase of the day == proctalgia fugax.

    Used in a sentence: that dingo is a real fugax. She’s really fugaxed Whorlando. When is he going to realize that she’s only fugaxing him for his celebrity status? Have you seen what that fugax was wearing????

    And for those O-lovers “Boxer peekage squeeeeee” — hell, if his pants slip any lower he’ll be shining his fugax for the world to see. Ohhhh, yessssss, group fugax!!

    Ermmm. Glad I got that off my chest, I feel better now.


  15. joders

    Ermmm….., Sadie Jo? I’m sure you looked up the meaning of proctalgia fugax, didn’t you? I’d definitely agree that the dingHo is a real proctalgia fugax. A group fugax? I don’t know about that!!

    And if the herp is playing up again, it’s only because he was reinfected by the dingHo.


  16. stella

    thank you for the morrissey reference. i always get giddy when i read little inferences.
    you are the quarry boasts some of my faves: world is full of crashing bores, how could anybody possibly know how i feel., let me kiss you,i’m not sorry. damn, the whole album(except for all the lazy dykes) is brilliant!


  17. Anners Scribonia

    All The Lazy Dykes is actually my favorite song on that one, Stella! Hee Hee. I am not kidding. It’s so pretty.

    Ugg understands. :)


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