Dear Ben Barnes

Dearest Princess Caspian, Hi — and… what the phuck are you doing? It’s been a few years, and mon coeur still belongs to you, BUT a few things: I don’t like your latest photo shoots (especially the creepy, deranged Swan-themed one).    I don’t like that you are in yet another movie with Katherine Heigel. … More Dear Ben Barnes

Kelly Brook !

The last time I visited Kelly Brook she had just received an upsetting parking ticket. She was always something of an enigma to me:  a slag who showed up on the Daily Mail often and for no reason (through no fault of her own, I’m sure).    I then learned that she had the perfect waist-to-hip… More Kelly Brook !

It’s Been Confirmed: Kate Bonesworth’s Fiance is Creepy

For reasons known only to the Editor-in-Chief of INSTYLE UK (and possibly God!), Kate Bosworth is on the cover of the September issue of their magazine.   Apparently, she shares her wisdom on “love and men.”  If Kate is an expert on anything (and she isn’t), it’s love and men.   She’s been in love… More It’s Been Confirmed: Kate Bonesworth’s Fiance is Creepy