I almost forgot to pimp Bozzers

Kate Bozzers, the goddess of wisdom and attenuated waistlines, started a line of jooree (aka jewelry) with her fabulous friend, Cher Coulter, who is a stylist to the stars and the owner of a rehabilitated neck, courtesy of Whoreland Bloom,  the wife of  a pregnant dingo named Miranda Kerr.

The line is called JewelMint (named after the color of  Bozzers’ left eyeball).   For $29.99 a month, you will be the (hypothetically) proud recipient of a new piece of jooree picked out by the goddess herself and Cher!   Their choice for you will be based on a style profile that you create on their website.   Never mind that you have no real options as far as creating one of these thingies!   Apparently one is either into boring, ugly, shit or fond of gallivanting around town with skinny jeans and bangle earrings weighing down their lobes.

I will have to pass on this Columbia House-styled jewelry project.   Just because.

If you’re curious, go HERE.

* In OTHER news, Kate and Vampire Weekend are still together.


Yay or Nay?

Here’s Cher Coulter’s baby at the Vanessa Bruno Dinner at Chateau Marmont on July 21 in Los Angeles wearing something that I am not so sure works for her.  

 Because I am out of touch with the world, I had to google “Vanessa Bruno” in order to find out who the EPH she was.   Turns out that she is a French fashion designer,  she is opening a  boutique in L.A. in August (hence the parteeee), and that I hate her guts becasue there is a really annoying video of Lou Doillon doing stupid shit in her clothes on her website.

C’est vrai.

Have Neglected Bozzers A Bit

… but that’s only natural because she SUCKS.   Kidding.  Bozzers  doesn’t suck, but her boyfriend does!   Anyway, Bozzers has emerged from a long period of wearing really strange pastel-y and bleachy-looking clothes and so I felt she deserved a post.  This is a really cute outfit indeed but I strongly believe that a braid in the hair was in order.

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