Pete DirtyHo is designing Jewelry


His line is called Albion Trinkitry and the logo is pure class.   I love Pete DirtyHo!   I love his brain, his charisma, and the paunch contained in that gorgeous creme-colored sweater he is wearing.  

I have attached an image gallery of Pete for your viewing pleasure; you’re so very welcome.   I only wish that there were more of his jewels to showcase!  But if the resplendent chain hanging from his neck is any indication, his stuff has Kate Bozzers’ jewelmint shit beat down hard with a crack pipe.

What Petey Did

Arrested: Pete Doherty, seen on a night out at The Den Club in London last week

Um… he got arrested again.   For the billionth time.   Not just for drug possession, though!   This time he did something extra special and endangered the lives of billions of residents of Gloucester. 

After a splendid solo show in Gloucester the other night, Dirty got behind the wheel and engaged in some drunk driving.   Usually I support Pete DirtyHo in all of his junkie-shenanigans, but I can’t stand proud with him on this one even though he is super beautiful and everything because driving drunk is the lamest thing one can do in the world .  

The police in Gloucester confirmed that “a 30-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of drink driving, possession of drugs and failure to stop for police”.   Those sloppy policemen forgot to add that he was sexy as phuck and that The Libertines are going to get back together real soon.    Holler!

Source of this Phuckery

DirtyHo Lives Up To His Name

Pete DirtyHo has got some dirty phingers and shiz — which only makes sense, of course – – but since they iz kinda gross I’ve saved them for later.   You’re so welcome.  
I’m sure that Katers Moss is still kicking herself in the arse for dumping
him all those inglorious years ago.  If I was her, I would be doing just that because a good man is hard to find; Dirtyho was a good man.
Enjoy the pictures of Petie looking dirty and ho-ish at some joint called Jalouse the other night.