Pete DirtyHo is designing Jewelry


His line is called Albion Trinkitry and the logo is pure class.   I love Pete DirtyHo!   I love his brain, his charisma, and the paunch contained in that gorgeous creme-colored sweater he is wearing.  

I have attached an image gallery of Pete for your viewing pleasure; you’re so very welcome.   I only wish that there were more of his jewels to showcase!  But if the resplendent chain hanging from his neck is any indication, his stuff has Kate Bozzers’ jewelmint shit beat down hard with a crack pipe.

And I thought college textbooks were expensive.

Mario Testino’s Kate Moss book is going to cost way too much money, so whoever buys it should just scan all the pages for my poor arse.  Seriously, it’s like 500 American dollars. Do you know what I could do with $500 dollars? I could buy 18 Victoria’s Secret bras and burn them. Or I could just donate it the Orlando Bloom House of Phuckery charity and maybe buy him a week’s worth of acting clasess at the Srasberg Institute.This is getting corny and off-topic, so I shall stop.
Anyway, the book will feature some hot shots of Kate!

I always wondered when that magic moment that Katers became a rexy goddess occurred. Because Kate was “the waif” when she first came out; melancholly-looking as all get out. Then all of a sudden, she was a filthy,rexy goddess.

That magic moment happened because of Mario Testino.

“Mario took me to a new level of glamour. I don’t think anybody had seen me as any kind of sexy model before he did. . . He’d seen me in a pair of heels, getting glamorous – and he was the first to start taking pictures of me in that way. He changed the way people thought about me as a model, for sure. Later other people started working with me in that way, but he was the first.”
And thurr you have it.

P.S. You London hoahrs are lucky.  You can see an exhibit of Rexy Goddess pics through July 15th.

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Rexy Band Alert!

I hear that Kate Moss has finally been granted her wish to be in a band.   The band will consist of  her, her be-scarfed lover Jamie Hince, and three other sad souls who have nothing better to do with their time than play foul with peoples eardrums.

The band has already finished a cover of an”unnamed”song by The Velvet Underground.   Someone needs to assure me that that unnamed song is none other than “All Tomorrow’s Parties.”   Not because I love it to death or anything, but because it’s the only one I can sort of envision Kate singing with that adorable sad rat baby voice of hers.

Some slutcracker deluxe says that Katers has been helping out by “taking the session musicians out for dinner and giving her musical input”.  I don’t know what the phuck that means!   It suspiciously sounds as though they aren’t up to giving her vocal duty, though.

Phuck THEM.

Source  via Tiffers.

Qu’est-ce Que C’est? ?!

Mossers @ Art Plus Music Party

First things first.  Mossers looks divine!  The slags on the fashion spot don’t seem to understand that Mossers looks divine.  And I like the bun, it’s cute. 

Next:  What the hell is that thing in the blue?  And the woman in red (or orange) is not really amusing me right now.   Her hair is good, though.

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